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Smog Repair
Smog Test
Check Engine Light Diagnostics
Diesel Smog Repair

Don't wait! Remember, it is important to have your smog check done to avoid fines or charges by the DMV. We are experts in testing cars for the smog check. If your car’s check engine light is on, do not hesitate to bring your car to us. Our highly trained staff will provide you with accurate information about the repairs that your car needs and possibly even diagnose hidden issues.

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In many cases, people drive around cars that while they appear to be in excellent condition actually have underlying issues that hurt the lifetime of the car. These issues just grow over time and later lead to big expenses that then possibly result in needing to buy a new car. Avoid the stress and get your money's worth out of your current vehicle. We recommend regular car checks to prevent any possible future malfunction or unnecessary expense.

Precision Smog & Repair
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